5 Ways to Stop the Sun from Destroying your Home.

Bozeman has an average of 300 sunny days per year, and we love it. It's part of the reason we all live here. Natural light is one of the most beautiful things that can come into your home. There is nothing like watching the sunrise while enjoying your morning cup of coffee, as your home fills up with warm, natural light. The one drawback; however, is that the light's UV effect can cause discoloration to your cabinets, furniture, floors, carpeting, and art.. Sorry Mona Lisa and sorry "This is our happy place" plaque hanging on your kitchen wall-you may be at risk. The sad fact is that your expensive items can lose color and can fade over time. Your flooring can start to look old and art on the wall can lose value. So what can you do? Below are 5 ways to help protect your belongings while still enjoying that amazing natural light.

  1. Solar Shades: These roller type shades are amazing and a great application here in Montana. The great thing about them is that they protect your home from UV rays while still allowing the homeowner to see "through" them to the outside! In that way, they don't get in the way of our beautiful Montana views. The color options almost seem endless, so you will be sure to find one to match your home decor.
  2. Window Film: This screams DIY project! Window film helps to protect your home from UV rays while creating privacy at the same time. Do a quick Google search and you will find window film companies you can purchase from online. Make sure you have good installation instructions
  3. Spray Protectants: Do a quick Amazon search and you will find a protectant in minutes for furniture, flooring, wood cabinets, and more. Some will both clean and also protect your items from UV rays. Be sure to read all the instructions on the label. This may be an inexpensive way to protect key items with a little sweat equity.
  4. Proper Furniture Placement: Be strategic, when possible, in keeping your furniture out of "direct" sunlight. The point here is to be cognizant of which windows are providing the most invasive light into your home and working around it. Also, if you have wood or vinyl floors, a throw rug that you don't mind replacing every few years is a great added level of protection.
  5. Cellular Shades: Cellular shades are a great option for the extreme weather - something to consider for the long winter months - and sunlight here in Montana. This is where fashion meets function. Not only do they help protect your valuables from sunlight but they also protect from heat and cold and they come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics. Cellular shades have an R Value between 2-5 meaning that they nearly double the insulation value in the window. There are endless colors and styles of fabric to choose from.

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